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Improve food storage, durability of the necessary measures

- Feb 02, 2018 -

Processing of fresh vegetables can not be separated from some of the drying equipment, that dehydration of vegetables in the production of drying equipment on the final product taste, quality, sell have a great impact.

Dehydration drying methods commonly used are natural and artificial dehydration two. Artificial dehydration, including oven drying, microwave drying, puffing dry, infrared and far infrared drying, vacuum drying and so on. At present, the more advanced artificial dehydration is the frozen vacuum dehydration method. The product can retain the original color, fragrance, ignorance and shape of the fresh vegetables and has the ideal rapid rehydration. Process is: raw material selection → cleaning → peeled → cut → blanching → cooling → drain → freeze → vacuum drying → sorting → packaging.

Currently, an important trend of food processing technology is to maximize the nutrition and color of the food, while the selection of drying process and equipment has a great influence on the nutrition, color and flavor of food products. Drying of food is a necessary measure to improve the storage and quality of food. The performance of dryer directly affects the quality and value of dry food. In recent years, China has developed a variety of multi-functional, high efficiency, low energy consumption, adaptability of the dryer, food drying technology and equipment or made a lot of progress.

I believe with the further improvement of equipment and innovation, the production of dehydrated vegetables will further improve the quality, innovation taste, to bring you a new diet experience, more nutritious, greener, richer, so stay tuned!

Do not have to enter the kitchen, do not have to buy vegetables to wash vegetables, a simple boiled water, a delicious vegetable soup came out, so convenient soup received white-collar workers of all ages.

Now on the market instant instant dehydrated vegetable soup is divided into many species, there are seaweed egg soup, shrimp seafood soup, hot and sour soup, mushroom soup. After dehydration processing made into lumps, are sub-packed in pouches, edible when boiled water, massive vegetable cake quickly loose water, which became a vegetable soup. Tastes taste is also more delicious, and now almost no different soup.

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