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Salty taste is one of the earliest chemical sensations of evolution

- Feb 02, 2018 -

The level of salty is generally determined by the anion, the cation is an additional taste, such as sodium bitter taste of potassium, potassium and ammonium ions have a bitter taste, calcium has an unpleasant astringent taste, the strongest bitter magnesium ions. Chloride is the main source of saltiness. Salty organic salts, also dominated by anions, such as sodium malate, sodium gluconate, etc. only weak saltiness. Salty taste is one of the earliest chemical sensations of evolution. There is a universal love for salt and water, suggesting that one also retains the instinct to physiologically regulate the demand for salt and water. The receptors of salty, bitter, and acid are composed of phospholipids with different properties respectively. The ions of different physicochemical properties will be selected to bind with different phospholipid receptors. There are many organic acids, such as - hydroxy acid salts are sweet, glutamate umami, because of this salt in the selective competitive adsorption between the receptors, masking only a small proportion of salty . With the concentration of salty aqueous solution changes, its taste will change

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