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Spices that retain the original aroma of animals and plants

- Feb 02, 2018 -

The market is determined by the consumer, natural and synthetic spices have their own advantages and disadvantages, consumers tend to natural spices and fear of synthetic spices, most should still be out of a psychological hint, but no matter how the cost from the product , Natural spice supply chain and market demand, the future of synthetic spice is still bright.

Natural spices are taken from nature, to maintain the original characteristics of the aroma of plants and animals spices. It is usually made by using natural and biochemical methods such as crushing, fermentation, distillation, squeezing, cold grinding, extraction, and adsorption, using the aroma-containing organs of natural aromatic plants and gland secretion of exulent animals as raw materials .

Synthetic perfume is a "single body" spice prepared or created by mankind through imitation of natural flavors by the science and technology he or she masters, through chemical or biological synthesis. Flavor is manually formulated out of containing more than a few to dozens of spices, and sometimes contain a mixture of solvent and carrier

The trend for natural flavors is like a flash of light burning rapidly in the fast moving consumer goods markets in North America and Europe. In particular, the food and beverage industry is particularly affected by the market. Many international companies such as Hershey, Nestle, General Mills and Kellogg are promising to remove synthetic fragrances and other synthetic additives from their product formulations. In addition to this trend, consumer products that have been using synthetic fragrances and additives have also been subjected to the most stringent reviews. A U.S. survey shows that more than 82% of respondents believe that the use of synthetic fragrances Or other synthetic material than the use of all natural spices and food substances more harmful.

The trend toward the use of natural flavors over the past decade has been driven by a growing consumer appetite for natural alternatives and has become a powerful driver of the European and American markets. According to Instantly, many Americans are convinced that the products they buy will be healthier without synthetic flavors and other synthetic ingredients, even in the form of snacks, Unhealthy industries such as high-calorie restaurants also feel like using natural spices.

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