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Used to improve the taste of food and have fishy, greasy solution

- Feb 02, 2018 -

Condiments mainly refers to herbs and spices. Vanilla is a variety of plant leaves. They can be fresh, air-dried or ground. Spices are plant seeds, buds, fruits, flowers, bark and roots. Spice flavor is much stronger than vanilla. In some cases, a plant can be used both for the production of herbs and for the production of spices. Some condiments are made from a mixture of spices (eg, paprika) or a mixture of herbs (eg, flavored bags). Widely used in the diet, cooking and food processing, it is used to improve the taste of food and has the functions of removing fishy, removing gall, greasy, fragrant and adding freshness.

Each variety of condiments, contain different ingredients from other special ingredients, which are common characteristics of condiments, condiments is also the main raw material with the role of seasoning.

Special ingredients in condiments can remove the smell of fishy smell of cooking ingredients, highlight the taste of the dishes, change the appearance of the dishes, increase the color of the dishes and promote the appetite, sterilization and digestion of the people.

Condiment; seasoning, refers to the food can increase the color, smell, taste, appetite, beneficial to human health, auxiliary food. Its main function is to enhance the quality of dishes, to meet the sensory needs of consumers, thereby stimulating appetite and enhance human health. In a broad sense, condiments include salty, sour, sweeteners, flavorings and flavors, such as salt, soy sauce, vinegar, monosodium glutamate, sugar (described), star anise, fennel, pepper, mustard All belong to this category.

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