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With bactericidal effect, can increase gastrointestinal tension

- Feb 02, 2018 -

Onion powder, scientific name Allium cepa.L, from Liliaceae Allium plant onion bulbs, cutting, cleaning, pretreatment, crushing, squeezing, sterilization, concentration, spray and drying process Into the powder, yellow, white, red three colors, 60 international standards, for home and catering enterprises. The average home and catering industry is used to replace many dishes that require fresh onions to enhance dish taste and avoid eye and nose irritation during onion processing.

Onion powder can be applied to seasoning additives, can also be made of health food. Onion powder itself has prevention and treatment of osteoporosis, allicin has a strong bactericidal ability, can prevent colds, lower blood pressure, prevent thrombosis and other effects. Regular consumption of hypertension, hyperlipidemia and cardiovascular disease patients have health effects. Onion powder temperature, sweet and sweet. Have expectorant, diuretic, stomach Runchang, detoxification insecticidal and other functions. Can cure loss of appetite, poor stool, dysentery, enteritis, abdominal pain plot, trauma ulcer, Chibai vaginal discharge and other diseases. Onion powder containing prostaglandin A, with a significant antihypertensive effect, containing metobutamide similar substances have a certain hypoglycemic effect. Can inhibit high-fat diet caused by elevated blood lipids, prevent and treat atherosclerosis. Onion extract also has bactericidal effect, can increase gastrointestinal tension, increase digestive tract secretion. Onion has a peptide material, can reduce the incidence of cancer.

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