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With the normal taste of MSG, taste

- Feb 02, 2018 -

The main ingredient of MSG is sodium glutamate, according to the content of sodium glutamate is divided into a number of specifications, of which 99% of the crystal was acicular or granular, the rest are mixed with different amounts of salt and MSG Powder or mixed salt crystals. MSG quality standards: with the normal taste of MSG, taste, no smell and inclusions. MSG adulteration can be initially judged from the appearance, because MSG has a fixed crystalline morphology, mixed with powder or other forms of salt can be seen; for the white powder MSG desirable MSG and salt equivalent While hot water to determine the dissolution, the two completely dissolved at different speeds, MSG to be faster, while the case of hot starch gelatinization occurs, which can be judged by adding a lot of salt or starch adulteration. If the consumer in the identification of doubt, can go to the local quality inspection agencies to further laboratory determination.

First, the high-quality MSG particles consistent shape, color white and shiny, granular particles were between the state, diluted to 1: 100 ratio of mouth taste still feel umami.

Second, poor quality MSG particles are not uniform in shape, size inconsistencies, hair color black hair, and even particles into clumps, diluted to 1: 100 ratio, can only feel bitter, salty or sweet without the flavor.

Third, the common MSG adulterated mainly salt, starch, baking soda, gypsum, magnesium sulfate, sodium sulfate or other inorganic salts.

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