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A Modern Condiment Made From Grain Using The Method Of Microbial Fermentation

- Feb 02, 2018 -

MSG is a seasoning, the main component of sodium glutamate. MSG's main role is to increase the flavor of food, the most used in Chinese cuisine, can also be used for soup and sauce.

MSG refers to the grain as raw material purified by fermentation of sodium glutamate crystals. Since 1965, our country has all produced glutamic acid by using saccharide or starch raw materials, and then extracted glutamic acid through isoelectric point crystallization precipitation, ion exchange or zinc salt purification, and then decolorized, de-ironized, evaporated and crystallized Made of sodium glutamate and other processes.

MSG, also known as MSG, is a modern condiment made from foodstuffs using microbial fermentation, the main component of which is sodium glutamate.

Sodium glutamate (C5H8NO4Na), also known as sodium glutamate. Glutamic acid is one of the amino acids and is the final breakdown of the protein. Sodium glutamate is an amino acid sodium salt. Is a colorless, odorless crystal that melts at 232 ° C. Sodium glutamate is very water-soluble and has a solubility of 74 g at 20 ° C (ie up to 74 g of sodium glutamate can be dissolved in 100 ml of water at 20 ° C).

It should be noted that if the use of MSG at high temperatures above 100 ℃, scientists have shown that MSG heating at 100 ℃ for half an hour, only 0.3% of sodium glutamate generated sodium glutamate, the human body has little effect. Reported in the literature, sodium pyroglutamate harmless to the human body. Also, if in an alkaline environment, MSG will react chemically to produce a substance called disodium glutamate. Therefore, proper use and storage.

MSG, also known as "Ajinomoto", scientific name "sodium glutamate." The finished product is white columnar crystal or crystalline powder, which is one of the widely used fresh seasonings at home and abroad. The main components of glutamic acid and salt.

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