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Food Has A Specific Flavor

- Feb 02, 2018 -

Due to the continuous acceleration of the pace of work and life, both spouses are working-class families for cooking time less and less. After get off work, how to make nutritious and delicious meals in the quickest time has become a great wish of family cooks. On the other hand, with the influx of foreign fast food chains, the post-cook foodization process such as hot pots must be accelerated. The development of these different characteristics of the catering industry has led to the consumption of various types of compound seasonings. In product development, convenient seasoning showed a more diversified features, mainly in the following areas:

1, for the development of different food ingredients for the convenience of complex condiments. Such as fish, meat, seafood has a specific flavor, many consumers do not understand how to use spices to achieve the best results, and catering to speed up the process of industrialization, but also to the chef's cooking speed put forward higher requirements. Developed special spices can largely meet the requirements in this area.

2, for different cooking methods for the development of complex condiments. Such as steamed seasoning, pickled seasoning, salad seasoning, fried seasoning, barbecue sauce, soup seasoning, instant soup and so on.

3, change the physical form of the product. Due to the inconvenience of spice fresh products storage, it is made into juice, powder, Rong, essential oils and other forms. Fresh seasonings and seasonings are made of compound paste, lake, juice, flour, blocks and other forms. Changes in physical form, so that such spices more convenient storage and use.

4, expand the use of products. Any kind of processed foods require the use of specialized seasonings. Such as instant noodles seasoning, hot pot seasoning, frozen food seasoning, microwave food seasoning, snack food seasoning, snack food seasoning, rice bowl seasoning and so on. Subdivided categories provide a wide range of options for product development to facilitate seasoning and also provide a vast market for further development.

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