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Has The Same Taste Of Sugar And Honey

- Feb 02, 2018 -

Sweet taste only has the same sugar and honey, is the most popular taste of humanity. It can be used to improve the food's palatability and certain eating properties. The strength of sweetness can be expressed in terms of relative sweetness, which is an important indicator of sweetener, usually at 5% or 10% sucrose (since sucrose is a non-reducing sugar and its aqueous solution is relatively stable) , With the same concentration of other sweetener solution to compare to get the relative sweetness.

Sweetness is a basic taste. In many cultures around the world, sweetness is a symbol of good taste.

Sweet substance

Many compounds are sweet and simple carbohydrates are slightly sweet in biochemicals, sucrose is a typical sweet substance and fructose sweeter. Many plants produce glycosides much sweeter than sugar.

In general, the more hydroxyl groups in the carbohydrates, the more sweet the substance is.

Words are explained separately

Sweet: sweet tián taste like sugar or honey, people feel comfortable. Can be used as adjectives or verbs, mostly used in adjectives; used to express the feeling of taste is also used to describe the good psychological feeling. And "bitter" relative: Desserts. Sweet food beet. melon. sweet. Sweet.

Taste: Taste wèi tongue Taste things get the feeling: taste. Taste (also refers to the interest). taste. The smell of the nose smell: smell. The basic meaning of taste is the feeling that the tongue tastes, the sensation that the nose smell of things, extended for the taste, experience. In Chinese medicine can also be used as a quantifier, such as flavors. Common phrases have taste, taste, smell and so on.

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