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Indispensable Food, The Most Basic Taste

- Feb 02, 2018 -

Salty is a neutral salt shows the taste, is an indispensable food, the most basic taste. Salty taste is the result of the interaction between the positive and negative ions that are dissociated by salts. The cations produce salty taste, while the anions suppress salty taste and can produce unpleasant taste. The saltiness or bitterness of inorganic salts is related to the ionic diameter of the cation and anion. Salts are generally savory at diameters less than 0.65 nm, and bitterness such as MgCl2 (ion diameter and 0.85 nm Bitter taste is quite obvious. Only NaCl produces pure salty taste, others have bitterness or other unpleasant taste. Food seasonings, salt special salt, the threshold is generally 0.2%, the optimum concentration of liquid food is 0.8% to 1.2%. Low salt foods are now advocated because of the negative health effects of excessive salt intake. Currently as a salt substitute compounds mainly KCl, such as 20% KCl mixed with 80% NaCl composed of low sodium salt, sodium malate salt salinity of about 1/3 of NaCl salinity, can be part of the replacement of salt.

Chinese medicine is one aspect of traditional Chinese medicine performance, which not only shows the actual performance of the drug, but also reflects the relationship between the different taste and medical effects of various drugs. Chinese used five flavors with five internal organs theory, it is "salty into the kidney," said. In fact, the role of savory medicine over the role of the traditional endometriosis Jiexie

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