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Reduce The Cost Of Expensive Fragrances

- Feb 02, 2018 -

The sweetener is only in contact with the taste buds in the dissolved state, producing a sweet sensation that soon reaches the highest sweetness and disappears quickly. Cold drinks are contained in the mouth, part of the saliva is dissolved, resulting in a sweet, disappear, the other part of the dissolved, so to continue longer to feel the sweetness. This sweet taste differs between sweeteners. Sucrose contact with the taste buds, a second to produce a high sweet feeling, rose to the highest after the decline, about 30 seconds to disappear sweetness. Fructose contact with the taste buds, sweet feeling faster than sucrose, quickly reached the highest value, after falling, disappearing faster. Both are sweet, but different in sweetness, the sweetness of fructose approaches the fruit. The rapid rise and disappearance of fructose sweeteners is an advantage in several applications. Other flavor flavors are easy to exert and are unaffected by the masking effect. In some cases, they also reduce the amount of expensive flavors added and still achieve good results. Glucose contact with the taste buds, sweet feeling and sucrose similar, but the slow rise, reaching the highest value of the end, after the decline, disappear is also slow. The glucose solution is endothermic and has a cool feeling, which is a good property in some applications. For example, some confectionery also adds peppermint to create a cool feeling. Gum plus glucose, soluble in water per gram of glucose 25.2 card heat absorption, the highest sugar

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