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The Method Of Storage Is Very Important

- Feb 02, 2018 -

1) meat stuffing, I use the turkey stuffing, you can also use thin pork stuffing, meat stuffing is not recommended for fat children, Oh, let's still eat less fat.

2) Do not like to see the garlic, then suggested that the mashed garlic, mix into the minced meat in the better, I am really lazy, just chopped.

3) carrots can also be used to replace other vegetables, such as celery strips, spinach stems and the like can be. Of course, some vegetables would be more like sausages without any vegetables, and I just wanted to add "carrots" to them.

4) On the fire, not too big, easy to fry the outside inside it is not yet cooked. But do not fry for too long, fried for too long, meat juices are fried out, dry, the taste is not good. This time, according to their own size to adjust properly, anyway, just cooked a pan.

Sausage can be used when buying a look, the second smell, pinch identification method.

A look is to observe the color. High-quality sausage meat color is bright, has deteriorated or spoiled sausage meat yellow, fatty yellowish. Of course, the color of the sausage is not as good as the red, the color is too red, indicating too much sodium nitrite.

Second smell is to check the taste of sausages. Sausage usually delicious, delicious sausage will smell sour.

Three kneading is to check the degree of dry and wet sausage. Sausage dry recovery rate of about 65%, lean meat dry sausage pinch, sausage will shrink wrinkles above. Where no contraction, no wrinkles, soft pickled sausage poor quality. Sausages should not be stored too long, otherwise easy to mold. Moldy sausages are easily contaminated with highly virulent Botox and cause food poisoning.

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