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Vegetable Soup Is Rich In Essential Nutrients

- Feb 02, 2018 -

As the pace of people's life continues to accelerate, fresh vegetables can not fully meet the needs of people's lives, dehydrated vegetables more and more into the modern life. According to the current market conditions, the top can be found, dehydrated vegetable market appeared in short supply situation.

Processed fresh vegetables into dehydrated vegetables, the following major advantages have obvious: First, low moisture content, can extend the shelf life, reduce storage, transportation, packaging and other costs; Second, the high utilization of raw materials, dehydrated vegetables on the raw material requirements Not high, especially for the size of the raw materials, the shape does not require; Third, processed into dehydrated vegetables, broaden the application of raw materials of fruits and vegetables. Because of these advantages, dehydrated vegetables are more and more popular with consumers. In recent years, dehydrated vegetables are in short supply. In particular, some vegetables with health-care functions (such as garlic and onions) and some wild vegetables (such as bracken and chrysanthemum) in mountainous and lakes regions are particularly true.

Understand that many white-collar workers do not want to go out to eat since the winter, it will choose this simple dehydrated vegetable soup, 5 minutes to make a delicious vegetable soup. Many people think that eating out on a cold day, do not cold also need long queues, each one is very busy, if the office a simple boiled water can enjoy the warm vegetable soup. This vegetable soup is rich in essential nutrients, dehydrated vegetables in addition to be processed into a vegetable soup, the separate non-seasoning dehydrated vegetables used to make simple salad is not bad, carrots, lettuce, onions such several Dehydrated vegetables after the bubble seasoning add a little seasoning is also a good cold dishes.

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