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Will Make Food Flavor Can Be Improved

- Feb 02, 2018 -

Over time, there has also been some convergence and change in the "liquors" used in kitchens. The word "cooking liquors" is gradually emerging and is defined as a specific form. The main raw material for cooking wine is rice wine, which is made from glutinous rice or millet. Due to the fact that cooking wine is mainly used for cooking, some spices or seasonings are added in the process of making wine. The fragrance of such "cooking wine" is fragrant and sweet Mellow and rich in the cooking process will emit a unique flavor. Alcohol wine is generally about 15%.

Cooking wine in the brewing process of cereal-based, after fermentation will be rich in amino acids, and in the production of food will generate some amino acid salts, these rich in different taste of amino acids will mask the taste of some ingredients, fishy process This is done. Of course, the use of traditional white wine and beer to fishy, the principle is also true, but because of the scent, alcohol is not as accurate as the wine, so use, the effect is not as good as cooking wine.

Cooking wine is a type of kitchen often used cooking seasoning, proper use will make the food flavor can be improved, although it contains little amino acids, combined with the amount is not enough, not enough to bring the body how significant nutritional effects However, the production of cooking wine is relatively natural, we can rest assured that use, so that our tongue to experience more flavor.

Cooking wine

Wine wine has a unique dissolution and volatility of the smell of substances, so cooking wine is an excellent addition to fishy seasoning, can fish, fish and other fishy.


Ginger not only neutralizes the coldness of the ingredients, but also gives it a fishy smell. Ginger is generally used for meat such as fish and chicken.

3 large material

Pepper, cinnamon, pepper, star anise and other large, with aldehydes, ketones smell components oxidation reaction, not only can reduce odor but also incense. Such spices are generally used for fish such as pork and mutton to fishy.

Dry flour

Fresh sea fish, scrub with dry flour after scaling, place for a while, then rinse. This treatment can not only fishy, but also to ensure the maximum fish fresh.

Lemon juice

Seafood smell most of alkaline substances, acidic lemon juice can play the role of fishy and.

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