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With Low Cost, Product Stability

- Feb 02, 2018 -

Flavors and fragrances play an indispensable and important role in our human life, and their role in various consumer goods and other fields is also increasing the proportion of, such as our daily necessities such as: soap, detergent, toothpaste, cream , Perfume, air cleaner, food such as: incense candy, biscuits, chewing gum, soft drinks, wine, etc., need to add flavor and fragrance to ensure quality. Therefore, in recent years, the global demand for spices has also been increasing rapidly year by year. However, due to the large difference between the prices of synthetic spices and natural spices and the influence of uncertainties such as weather, geography, manpower and capital speculation on natural spices, Supplies and prices are also volatile and highly volatile, making it necessary to find alternative ways to replace natural flavors, so synthetic flavors have also become the first choice of producers in all fields around the world.

When it comes to natural flavors and synthetic flavors, many people may equate them with the fact that synthetic flavors are produced from chemicals or chemicals, which is a mistake in itself. In fact, all flavors, whether natural or synthetic , Are made of small molecule compounds or a mixture of various chemical molecules. But mentioning chemistry often leads to a negative association, yet no matter how we have to understand everything we do, whether it is water drunk, food we eat, our body or whatever we can see On the chemical composition.

But sometimes the choice and development of synthetic spice is also for a specific purpose, such as the selection and use of candy flavors and fragrances, you have to consider the characteristics of different candy production process and product characteristics, the need to select a strong thermal stability of synthetic spices, To get a good aroma products as a precondition. In the choice of natural spices and artificial flavors, natural spices because the label "natural" is relatively easy to attract consumers, but the fact is that most natural spices taste and smell synergistic effect is relatively poor, you need to add more Large, high production costs, and most natural flavors in the flavor characteristics depends on the fruit, herbs or raw materials of different maturities, coupled with the changes in the process, it is difficult to get stable quality products. The artificial flavor with low cost, product stability, no difference in flavor and other characteristics, with a more intense thermal stability.

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