Simply Delicious


As the name implies, the “All Purpose” series of products can be used to season all foods, but the features are kind of different

1. King of Meat

Applicable to all kinds of meat products, increase the aroma of meat

2. Chicken

Rich chicken aroma

3. Chicken & Beef

Mix delicious aroma of chicken and beef

4. Magic Yummy

It has the effect of similar monosodium glutamate, and increases the aroma of meat

Seasoning flavors are indispensable and so important to delicious food

Recommended Application

● Pickle

Add seasoning flavor to materials and mix them well, smear the marinade on meat, chicken, beef, etc. Then you can fry or grill. 

(Dosage: 1-2g/1kg)

● Seasoning

Mix seasoning flavor well with other ingredients and spread to grilled meat then.

(Dosage: 5g/1kg)

● Soup

Add seasoning flavor to soup when it is almost done. It will make the soup tasty and savory.

(Dosage: 1-2g/1kg)

● Cooking

Add seasoning flavor directly when it is almost done. It will make the food more delicious.

(Dosage: 1-2g/1kg)

● Stuffing

Mix seasoning flavor with stuffing well and it will taste well.

(Dosage: 1-2g/1kg)