Making great taste even better

Meat Flavor One is widely used as a flavor improver and flavoring agent. 


It is widely recognized as a safe, reliable, low dosage and effective food 
additive and recommended for all kinds of meat products

It has 3 remarkable effects and features

Remove peculiar smell & Increase the aroma

The flavor one can well cover up the nasty or awful smell, increase the thick  fragrances and improve the quality characteristics.

Improve meat taste

It has high effect on improving meat taste, inhibiting sour and bitter, preserving from decay and harmonizing meat flavor. 
You will enjoy the flavor so much and wanna try it again and again. 

Keep meat tender

It will keep the moisture of meat, which makes the meat taste more tender and smoother, more brothy and savory.

Flavor Enhancers

Creating total taste experiences

Texture, aroma, mouthfeel and more can all be orchestrated to improve taste.


Add directly to ingredients and stir well or use as a solution 
(1g FLAVOR ONE will be soluble in 55ml water and heated to 90° to form a solution)


0.05-0.3%,or add as needed


Keep it in cool and dry place, light-proof and moisture-proof

[  Reminder  ]    Don’t be stored in iron containers , otherwise it will turn red