In future, meat flavors will be an essential element in delicacy

HiDoo savory technology applies the identical origin of aroma and raw material in traditional food culture in the savory field, and the combination of modern technology makes the savory products of delicacy and nation style. In future, savory flavors will be an essential element in delicacy.

Meat flavor will be a great help for sausage, meat products, snack, cans, puffed food etc. 

It will improve taste significantly and keep a long time aftertaste.



The basic characteristics of delicious taste

Fried chicken

Fresh and tender taste natural rich


Rich aroma, mellow taste

Pork luncheon meat 

The basic characteristics of delicious taste

Flavor Type

The food flavour, which may bring one type or multiple types of different aromas and tastes to the food, is made of different fragrances. According to the characteristic Of the product and the different combinations, nearly all the tastes we are enjoying in daily life can be obtained through the professional knowledge of the flavorist.

As a specialized manufacturer of flavour and fragrances, we can provide a wide variety of products for our customers. Classified by the state of the flavour, the products we offer include liquid type, power type . Customers may select the relevant product according to their actual demand.

Paste & Powder

Process Flow


Add directly to ingredients and stir well


0.05-0.3%, or add as needed


Keep it in cool and dry place, light-proof and moisture-proof

We fulfill your flavoring needs

Partner: As one hot-sale product, a variety of flavours have been exported to all over the world, some customers as follows, Samu / Tigon / Flavor king / Chef / Afchem.