All-purpose, Convenient and Fast

Seasoning flavors are indispensable and so important to delicious food.

Natural Tastes
Healthy & Delicious

All kinds of flavors to suit your different requirements.

HiDoo’s seasoning flavors include compound seasonings and common seasonings. 
Most of them are all purpose seasoning flavors, and will give us different tastes, e.g. chicken, beef, mixed spices.
We hope to share all kinds of delicious taste to the world. 
People will make cook easily and enjoy the delicious easily.


1. The compound seasoning combines the advantages of multiple seasonings to make the food taste more delicious

2. Optimized combination of a variety of raw materials, suitable for different taste requirements

3. People will enjoy authentic flavors of all kinds of dishes by the compound seasoning.

    The operation is simple and convenient, and everyone can easily become a chef.

Processs Flow

We fulfill your flavoring needs

Partner: As one hot-sale product, a variety of flavours have been exported to all over the world, some customers as follows, Traft / Saras / Sofe / Mdce.