HiDoo develop flavor for leading

Bakery Ice-cream Beverage Dairy and Confectionery manufacturers 

Sweet & Fruit flavours trends are constantly changing as new innovations and ideas are created.

Through our close collaboration with our customers, we have created new and exciting Sweet and Fruit flavours for various different products which allow Hidoo Ingredients to be at the cutting edge of new flavours trends in the market.

Our Sweet and Fruit flavours are used in the the bakery,ice cream, beverages, confections and many more. Hidoo ingredients offer functional flavours to meet industry specific requirements while still offering an endless library of flavours to meet exact flavour profile requirements.



We can help you to create appealing baked goods that offer convenience, authenticity and variety with the flavour to satisfy consumers. 

With unrivalled expertise in flavours and ingredients for dairy applications, our team can support you in successfully bringing innovative product concepts to the market.

Flavour plays a key role in creating differentiated beverages consumers will love. Our experts can enhance your beverages with creative flavour combinations and high quality traditional favorites.

Ice cream

Ice cream related flavors from Hidoo, can be widely used in water-based or dairy-based products, they can upgrade the quality of customer’s products in terms of rich, elegant and nature aroma.

Love for sweets is universal-yet taste differs from country to country and region to region. HiDoo Flavours satisfies everyone's sweet tooth with its confectionery applications to suit differente palate.

HiDoo flavours are completely customizable inside and out. Get creative with our flavors and filling selections.

Flavor Type

The food flavour, which may bring one type or multiple types of different aromas and tastes to the food, is made of different fragrances. According to the characteristic Of the product and the different combinations, nearly all the tastes we are enjoying in daily life can be obtained through the professional knowledge of the flavorist.

As a specialized manufacturer of flavour and fragrances, we can provide a wide variety of products for our customers. Classified by the state of the flavour, the products we offer include liquid type, power type . Customers may select the relevant product according to their actual demand.

Liquid & Powder

Process Flow

Flavoring Base Produce
Raw material preparation











Carton Labeling & Packing


Canned and Sealed



Add directly to ingredients and stir well


0.05-0.3%, or add as needed


Keep it in cool and dry place, light-proof and moisture-proof

We fulfill your flavoring needs

Partner: As one hot-sale product, a variety of flavours have been exported to all over the world, some customers as follows, Double Crown, Ibshar, Victory Food, Napa Valley, Peacock